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TOZO - The Wearable Specs Holder

The ideal solution to have your glasses always at hand.

As seen on the BBC's Dragon's Den

Fed up with your glasses sliding off your face when bending down?
Want somewhere safe to store your glasses whilst not wearing them yet still handy to get them on again?
Fed up when wearing little clothing whilst on holiday with nowhere to store your expensive sunglasses?
Gone into a shop or bar and put down your glasses on the table and then left without them?
Constantly swapping between your general glasses and your reading glasses?

Let me introduce the ToZo - A simple way of wearing your glasses when not wearing them!

Suitable for anyone and everyone, the Tozo can be fastened to any item of clothing or even a bag to hold your glasses whilst you are not wearing them.
Anytime. Anywhere. Have your glasses on you at all times, yet out of the way until needed.

Great for spectacles, sunglasses, reading glasses, eye protection glasses, etc.

Designed and made in the UK, the ToZo offers an alternative to the traditional cord.

Please note that the Tozo is not recommended for young children due to small parts and sharp points

Easy to use
Just push the pin of the holder through your shirt, shorts, bag or anywhere else you like and fasten with the clasp at the back. Now you can slip the arm of your glasses through the holder securing them into place. The ToZo can easily be removed with minimal distress to your clothing and transferred to whatever you are wearing.

Nice and discreet
The ToZo will fasten to just about any item of clothing or even your bag so that your glasses are always accessible. Useful when on holiday to fasten expensive sunglasses to your swimwear. They are also fashionable and available in a wide range of colours, patterns, shapes and materials.

Safe and Secure
A secure clasp at the back of the Tozo secures the pin into place. Just squeeze the middle to open. Extra clasps can be ordered.

Available in a wide range of designs
Below we only show a small section of the designs possible and that we have held in stock